Chapter Four: Westward

Chapter Five: Scribe

Chapter Six: Lost Lord – part 1

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Welcome to Imalion's journey! I published a prologue you can read for free, but that is background rather than story. It details Imalion's childhood and how he first came to write. Yes, you will need it if you are interested in or confused by anything Imalion refers to from his past. I excluded it from this compilation because it is slightly disconnected from the main story. (Also, I wanted to publish a taste of Imalion's journey for, well, gratis.)

This entire story is written in diary form. In March 2012 I started posting a daily entry, and although I took a break around June/July I found myself swamped in posts by mid-August. It was a great feeling. Unfortunately, the blog format is quite bothersome for anyone who wants to start – or catch up on – reading. So I decided to collect my writing into compilations. I have contact with a great artist who goes by the name of Bluooze; he drew the header for Soulshard Chronicles, and continues to draw pieces for me. If you dislike my writing or Imalion's story, the amazing pieces of art should make up for your loss.

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