Love Has Its Ups And Downs

Living with a Bipolar Spouse

Copyright 2010 by Bonnie Rice

Published by Getolife Publishing

Smashwords Edition

610 Payson Avenue

Quincy, IL 62301

Phone: 217-740-9274

Cover Illustration: Troy M. Rice Jr.

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This book would not have gotten past the rough draft stage without the help of a number of friends and family members.

I want to thank Michelle Ziemba for her work in proofing, editing, and making some good suggestions for this book. I may have finished this work without her help, but it would never have come out so well. I take full responsibility for any typographical or grammatical errors in this book. I admit to rewriting and adding substantial material after the edits were completed.

I also want to thank my family: my husband, for allowing me to talk candidly about his condition and our marriage; and our sons for putting up with us. It’s hard enough to have a father with bipolar disorder, but to also have a mother who is writing a book about it in her spare time (what’s that?) has to be pretty stressful.

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