Chapter 11: The World of Work

Chapter 12: Where Do I Go From Here?

Section 3: End Notes

Chapter 13: Our House

Chapter 14: My Bad Week

Chapter 15: Keep It Light


Welcome to Love Has Its Ups And Downs. I’m sorry you belong here, but happy that you found me.

There will be people who tell you that life with a husband or wife who has bipolar disorder is simply impossible—and they will be right. Sometimes it really is impossible. If you can accept that this will not be the life you signed up for and that this disorder could become so destructive that you will be called upon to start your life over at some time—you take a lot of the pressure off and you just might be one whose marriage survives.

Maybe you’ve been wearing some rose-colored glasses, believing that if you ignore the disorder it will go away. That isn’t going to happen. Bipolar disorder is a progressive illness that will continue to get worse unless it is treated.

It is also a cycling illness that can trick you when your spouse cycles through a period of relatively normal stability. You may think you’ve got this thing under control, but the cycle continues and pretty soon you are in the middle of an episode, wondering what happened and how you are ever going to survive.

I don’t know where you are in this process, but I can assume you’ve got some questions or you wouldn’t bother to read this. I can also assume that you really want to make this marriage work or you would just file for divorce and get over it.

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