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Cromosys, our language research and education center, saving human efforts from being wasted, is to make you as good as native English speaker. The world growing with density has brought enormous opportunity to linguistic talents irrespective of their geographical boundaries. Since I got a chance to get myself trained on accent in the USA and began talking to native speakers around the world while managing a team in several call centers, I got intuited to be able to understand linguistic science. Having been teaching English to global exposure for last thirteen years, I have come across the numerous rules of pronunciation which are mistakenly ignored by a great majority of non-native speakers. They don’t even believe that there are any pronunciation rules, and the result gets disgraceful when they accuse Standard English to be outlaw because it shocks them as they don’t understand anything even though having a great knowledge of English Grammar. I strongly believe this book is useful for the people working for communication-based industry, media houses, entertainment world, and obviously for those who love English. It will stand a milestone for you in the journey of accent learning, and with your sharpened ability you can make your way of success without any hindrance. After you start the lesson, you don’t need to worry about anything but just follow each and everything carefully. Don’t procrastinate, over-confide or give up. You are going to do the most beautiful thing for yourself, so be bold enough to complete all the lessons. You may have seen some other English Pronunciation books or CDs full of conversations and dialogues which the students purchase by mistake, but they land up in giving up the hope of learning because it tells you what to do but not how and why to do. It doesn’t explain but keep on speaking or talking. Just memorizing the words will not take you anywhere. So I have designed this book with proper set of lessons to make you start your adventure sitting at home beginning with real basic.

Cromosys, our language research and education center, which is a path-breaking pioneer training institute for English Speaking, Mass Communication, Foreign Languages, Computer Training, and Academic Tuition, is committed to enlightening human mind with educational endeavors, and we are doing the same for last successful fifteen years. We not only hope but believe that your success is in your hand now, and this book will take you miles ahead in your expectation. We always respect the views and comments of readers, so for any communication with regards to assistance, enquiry or collaboration, we are always there at your reach as it helps us improve our ability.

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