The Net 7.0

By Cassal Sigonlos

Copyright 2012 Cassal Sigonlos

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A young boy of 22 years old is putting a few boxes and bags in his car. His name is Hugh. The car's color is blue like that of the wings of certain butterflies, shiny. He looks anxiously at trees and clouds. He wants to go straight to home to check if the new TV series "The endless dark" was already available. Hugh usually spent a long time on the computer, but his parents did not worry too much about. At all this behavior is completely normal for young, in fact for any people. After all it is not wrong to live more virtual than real. What can be better than daydreaming at this life? There are so many stars and too much space that the real time will never be enough.

... If all I had was time. I would explore the space. So space would eat time and time would vomit space...”

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