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Dora is Hugh's mother, a wife of 52 years old. She is leaving from a small and beautiful country cottage. No difference in appearance from a woman in 25 years old. There is a pinch of vanity at Dora but she pretends not. She never thinks about how she seems so young. She isn’t a vain woman but she isn't an angel too, whenever she sees a mirror she falls.

...The woman got more than they wanted, after all, surgery, chemical, meditation, habits, privations, could one day do the trick and give more and more that the woman had desired. The woman is still a body, a product that for centuries had a container and a massive advertising campaign, the woman was marked, an icon, so she comes to believe too. But worry not a few centuries can undo it. And indeed there are already signs that undone, but on the other hand, men get more and more to enhance the appearance of the body...”


... Jasmine_Sensitive it’ll not happens. I disagree. The vanity isn’t bad. But today we put our neck in a trap by valuing the outside. Because now that we all have amazing bodies, we can no longer have standards for evaluating other person immediately. Now more than ever, we have to live deeply with someone for really feel that we find someone special.”


... so we are fine with our beautiful bodies. Whether you like it or not, we are doing and will continue to do race purification. Of course the problem persists. After all which race is going to be intensified...”

... this is not acceptable, this is disgusting, just a bunch of imbeciles like you to defend this crap. Science never collaborates with this...”

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