Thoughts become things

Copyright 2012 by Dr. Shahzad Waseem

Smashwords Edition

Introduction: This is not a big book, but it contains life changing strategies, which most of the people are un-aware. Some people have all the negative things in their real lives and others enjoy every blessing. Centuries have passed to come to know why it happens. If you read this book carefully, you can bring the things you want in your lives. I assure you.

Good luck

Dr. Shahzad waseem

Someone said many years ago if you realized how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought again.

I am a medical doctor and a practicing eye surgeon living in Pakistan. (Asia) I have daily dealing with the general public and there I realize how people are attracting things in their lives themselves and blaming others for the bad things happening to them.

I have studied major religions like Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism etc. I have studied scientific books of physics, optics, biology and chemistry. I used to operate upon human eyes almost daily of people related to different class of the societies.

My curious nature pushed me to find out what is missing in the unfortunate people live. Is it only destiny, these are choices or it’s just a matter of simply nothing.

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