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The next sentence you will read is the abstract of my all readings and this book and that is “ thoughts become things”. Yes, that’s 100% true and you will read in coming lines how it is proved both scientifically, religiously and spiritually.

I would like you to recall the old proverb that, you get from the bag, only what it contains. You can only get sweetness from mango, no matter how strongly you crush it against a wall and you will always get a bitter taste from quinine, no matter how beautifully you make a good dish from it.

Now come to the point. Simple is that when you think positive, positive results are destined for you because of the law of nature. What is the law of nature? Law of nature is that if you give water to soil, plants will grow. If you give water to stones, nothing will grow. I have not made this law.

All the major religions have taught single most important thing to people that pray for good from the God and you will get it. Now it depends upon one’s thought’s pureness which gives the results.

Purity of thought can be achieved by law of nature, For example, if you always speak truth, it will come back to you. If you are honest, it will come back to you. You may disagree, but you will agree in coming lines.

Now let’s talk about science in this context. One of the genius scientists, Albert Einstein said “God doesn’t play dice”. If you read this line carefully, it’s the same thing that is thoughts become things.

Now I am coming to the last and major part of this book which proves that thoughts really become things and universe is working on this principle as told by Albert Einstein and is now accepted by everyone by his theories of relativities.

He concluded after his lifelong research this small equation that is E=mc2

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