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Time To Die #1: Brutal Limit

Kenneth Guthrie

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Editor's Note:

So this is a new Thriller series that Kenneth is working on. Hard time limits. Crazy antics. Deep in the mind of the protagonist. No holds barred. This is crime action.

Cold As Hell Killer?

The room is full of white patchy smoke when I walk in.

"What the fuck?" I grumble, stepping back out and pushing my back to the wall. It stinks like burning horse shit.

I cover my mouth and step in. That Chinese Fuck said this is where it all starts.

"Dirty fucker," I mutter when I see the burning box of shit on the table with a candle jammed into it. There's a dead guy next to it. Bullet to the head. Point black. Rear entry. Nice size hole. Wreaks of professionals.

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