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Shut up and finger fuck my asshole!”

The docile moans of Alex Armstrong filled the room. Two slight digits slipped through the seam of her damp pussy. She wiggled her bare ass against the bed, her hips jerked up as she caught her swollen nub in just the right spot.

“Oh fuck, Bobby! How the hell do you do this to me over the god damned phone?” Her breathless whimper filled the line as she heard his raspy chuckle.

“It’s easy. I just take your body, and play with it with my voice.”

“Shut up and finger fuck my asshole!”

“Oh, you want your asshole fucked?”

A moan came in answer. He laughed again through the line as Alex slipped those two fingers into her slippery cunt. She started to shuttle faster. Her body arched, and she knew that she was close. The tip of one finger brushed over her G-spot on entry.

“Oh fuck, Bobby!”

“That’s right Alex, come all over my fat cock, do it!”

She pumped her hips, her ass lifted off the bed. Her stomach started to heat as her mind hazed over with the onslaught of her self-inflicted orgasm. Alex rode her hand. Her own palm slammed into her clit making that sexy wet slapping sound that porn stars made when they fucked each other really hard. She didn’t want to be a porn star, but it was so hot to pretend from time to time.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”

Alex felt the wave rush through her. It started at her hair line, and travelled all the way between her legs until she was a withering mess on the bed. In her sex-drugged stupor she had grabbed onto one of her pillows and shoved it over her face as she screamed. The orgasm was like a breath of fresh air. She hadn’t seen Bobby in a week and her pussy had been so wet, tight, and starved for some sort of release. Tossing the pillow off her face she was still panting when she heard Bobby grunt and laugh on the other end. She could hear him milking his cock as his panting mimicked the thrusts of his own masturbation.

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