Alicanto: The Bestiary Tales

By Allison Graham

Copyright 2011 Allison Graham

Smashwords Edition

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Highgate, England - 1839

Where was it? Gail Hollyworth panted in fear as she tore the house apart looking for the tiny, elusive item. She could not afford to lose it…oh, dear heaven above, had she left it at Thom’s home?! If she could not find it before her husband got home, she would have far too much explaining to do.

One did not simply lose their wedding ring.

Outside, on the branch of the yew she and her once-dear Michael had planted, a bird sand merrily. Its high, almost metallic tones were a stark contrast to her fear, and Gail threw the window open to scream, “Leave, you stupid creature!” The startled animal quickly flew away in shock, and though her outburst had not helped her situation, Gail did feel a bit better.

Sitting to help alleviate her frenzy, Gail ran through the past week in her head. She had seen Thom at least three times, but she could not recall removing her ring for any of them. Thom knew she was married to Michael, but like her, he simply did not care. He gave her things that Michael could not, and so she kept going back to him…

…and now she had lost her ring. One of the few women in Highgate that had one, and hers was gone! Michael would notice right away. It had to be at Thom’s house, though; where else could she possibly have left it?

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