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Hannah sat on the end of the bed. How had everything gotten this bad?

Hannah had gone to the best schools, made the best grades, made friends with the right people and kept her mind focused on what she wanted to be in life. She had never done anything that would bring embarrassment to herself or her family.

And yet there she sat.

She had made it exactly where she wanted to be in life, and then everything came down around her.

Had it been her fault? No. She may have not made all the right decisions, but she had a good heart and had done the best that she could.

Or had she?

She had ignored several warning signs. And when she took the job she had continued following the same plan to turn things around that the guy before her had, knowing he had not fixed anything.

She looked down at the open Bible that was sitting on her lap. She could hardly read the words on the pages.

The blood, which looked as if it was slowly running from her wrists, had somehow quickly covered the book, ran down her knees and then legs, and had completely soaked the floor around her feet.

She thought to herself “They’re going to have to replace the carpet!”

Chapter 1

It was winter and cold, but I was already breaking a sweat.

As I placed my duty bag inside my truck, I couldn’t help but get angry at how old and heavy it had become. The sewn-on name “Jack Montgomery” on the top was faded and frayed. I really needed a new bag.

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