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Fast Fears #1: Bats in the Attic


M.D. Stephens

Copyright 2012 by M.D. Stephens

Smashwords Edition

For Shuntel and the boys


They drove a lonely stretch of highway with the radio lightly playing in the background. The day was slipping away and dawn was approaching fast. The setting sun baked the dry desert land and the air had strange rippling effect as they drew near their destination. Bobby was getting restless and annoying his sister.

Dad, will you tell Bobby to stop. He keeps pulling at my shirt.” Alley begged.

Honey, can you handle that?” Her father said.

Cheryl Starks turned in her seat and handed her boy a juice box. She hoped it would be enough to keep him busy until they got there. Then she looked to her daughter and winked.

Thanks.” Alley said.

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