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If you bought a puzzle, opened up the box, and discovered there was only one piece, the chances are that you would be rather upset. The fact of the matter is even if the puzzle were a gift to your three-year old child, they too would be upset. Picture yourself as one piece of a puzzle. Alone, your potential is limited, if not non-existent.

It is only when people work together as a group in some type of community that human potential can ever be remotely explored. Our power as individuals may be worshipped at this place and time in history, but this is only because the materialism surrounding us has allowed us to insulate ourselves from our true identity. We are lost and alone as islands in the sea of Spirituality and emotional growth. It is in relationship we change. Furthermore, it is in healthy relationships where we change for the better. This is not an option; it is THE WAY of love and truth.

The following endeavor is a compass of sort to help guide you on that particular path. Embrace it and move forward!

Stu Strang

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