a planet in the middle of nowhere

book 4

the World of Hope

(part four)

by DRK

© 2012

Smashwords edition


UPDATE- Some of you may have caught this book on Smashwords, when I published it despite some flaws, for the reasons given below. But now, I have finally managed to edit it better, and I am able to post it looking even snazzier than the previous version. Yay!!!

the foreword from the first version-

The economy went south, and so did mine. I am having much trouble having the opportunity to edit, so I am posting this one with a view to one day to edit it better and replace this edition with the edited version. Sorry about that, but I think I should at least finish the story, even if the book is not quite as polished as I want. (Haha, they never are. After I publish, I always find mistakes which make me groan and wonder how that could have slipped by my usually very observant, detail-oriented eyes that catch most misteaks.

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