What Already Happened

Mita Morgan sat in her office at the Security Agency Building, feeling satisfied. And why not, after all? When she came to the World of Hope, she barely had enough money to find a cheap room and also have enough left over to waste on food. Those days were history.

She occupied herself helping Hope Leader Xavier Bright prepare for the upcoming war with their motherworld, Earth. She had listed on her schedule an item, to check and see if the top of Hope Hotel made a decent observation point for Ldr. Bright when the time came for the fight. She also needed to inspect a few of the warehouses in the business district, and find which would be the best place to store their secret weapon... or, she should say, secret weapons. It had to be somewhere inside Sparkle City, and a place Earth would not suspect, so that, when they came, the invaders would not attack the warehouse containing the secret weapons first thing upon arrival.

Xaiver Bright chose cheap but effective weapons, and as many as Hope could make with their limited resources, over a few big, expensive items for the upcoming face-off.. He had some big ticket things, of course, but why put so many eggs into one giant basket? If something went wrong with the big item, and you did not have much else to back it up, then you are seriously diminished in options. Besides that, there were only so many big, big war machines one could hide from Earth, before the brains on Earth realized what you had.

The big brains and bean counters on Earth were not all stupid. Somehow they put the pieces together and figured out there was a secret fuel ore processor on Hope, which Earth whole-heartedly disapproved- Earth preferred that the ore mined on Hope could not be used by Hope until it was processed on Earth, so that the World of Hope would have to keep depending on the Earth for its processed power fuel, and then, for that reason, Hope would not be inclined to try anything independent-minded, such as breaking away from Earth's grip. Indeed, Earth deliberately kept the citizens of Hope in a state of always needing, so that Hope would not get any big ideas.

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