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"Within its genre, it's hands down the best paranormal/fantasy/young adult book I have read this year." - Madeline

"I'm a huge fan of paranormal fiction that is more than simply blood, guts, and a vapid female. Heiress of Lies combines a sympathetic and strong female main character with a dramatic but well-constructed plot line and some very intriguing male characters who may or may not turn out to be 'good guys'"- Jones

"Interesting world-building and lots of great descriptions, interesting vampires, and intrigue. Count me in for the sequel." - NumberedLists


No matter what she did, the voices in Angeline’s head wouldn’t stop despite the fact that the moment that would define the rest of her life was just around the corner. She felt lost, even though almost every waking moment of her eighteen-year-old existence should have prepared her for what was to come. She was sure that the moment those gathered for her Ascension saw her they would all know the truth; she was a fraud and a liar. The voices whispered and gurgled and she couldn’t make them stop. But she had never felt so alone.

Stupidly she wished that he was there, but he couldn’t be. She knew that. Just knowing that he was close by would have calmed her nerves. It was a childish desire and it rankled her that she had come to depend on him so quickly. Queens didn’t have the luxury of always waiting for someone to come to their rescue. Her constant companions were duty, responsibility, worry and guilt. These were a queen’s emotional captors, especially when it came to making decisions that affected all of the people that she had been born to protect. Now that her father was dead, there was no one left to make those decisions but Angeline.

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