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Curiosity can overcome the most powerful sensations of fear; the most apprehensive person will succumb to their need to know, even at risk to their own safety. When Richard Pale, his wife Brittney, and their daughters Kate and Anna moved in to the empty house at the end of the street; rumors followed them. The house had been empty for over six months, it was a wonder anyone would be interested in it; and the quiet location in the shadowy corner of Worthington was typically enough to scare away the bravest investors. But not this family, it was enough to make the gossip mongers in town whisper about the Pale family.

“What kind of name is ‘Pale?’” was a question heard around the town often, especially in the Riverside Diner that the older women of Worthington met to exchange whispered news. There were rumors that no member of the family ever visited the medical center, not strange but enough to propel rumors. When it was found that Richard Pale spent few nighyt at home, and traveled for business ten months out of the year, people wondered if he was having an affair or even a second wife and secret life. But if they knew the truth, Richard’s actions made perfect sense.

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