Two Flowers

  1. Introduction

I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead,” so when I learned after watching the mid-season finale on Sunday that there wouldn’t be another new episode until February 2013 I immediately wondered how I would fill the void.

During the days since then (right now it’s only Wednesday) I began thinking about other types of apocalyptic scenarios. I asked myself, how challenging would it be to write a story which was enough like the “Walking Dead” to take the edge off while I’m waiting for the season to resume, yet would be different enough to be considered original? I replaced “zombies” with a few other common creatures, until I plugged in “dinosaur.”

I wish I could share the rest, but right now I don’t know much more than you do because I’ve only written the first chapter. I do know so far that the main characters will be Marcus Armstrong and his daughter Tracey. The story is told from Marcus’ perspective of the events which unfold both before and after the dinopocalypse.

I’m also publishing this story as a part of a new series which I’ve called “Webthology.” The basic point behind this is that I’ll be publishing collections of articles and stories--a little bit like an “anthology”--both on the web and in print, and anybody who is interested in contributing is welcomed to submit their work for publication.

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