My Operation: Part 2

By Ernest Winchester

Copyright: 2010 by Ernest Winchester

Well, I definitely owe everyone an up date to my earlier missive ‘My Operation.’ I said that if anyone showed any interest I would update it once I returned home. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone who reviewed it with so many encouraging thoughts and words. But I’ll get to more of that in a bit.

First, I guess, is the update. I returned from the hospital yesterday so I’ve been home less than a full day. The scar that I had assumed would be to the left side, instead runs straight up the middle for eight inches, veering around my navel, and crossed with short strips of tape that the doctor says will curl and fall off in a week or two. It looks like a broad zipper that I hope will never need to be opened again. (Technically, I guess, it’s not a scar just yet—only a wound.) The pain level was controlled throughout my eight-day stay and was managed with a morphine drip added to the other fluids that kept me hydrated. I don’t know what morphine would be like as a recreational drug, but it worked wonders controlling pain. I didn’t realize how wonderful until the IV was removed yesterday morning. Within an hour I was calling the nurse for the pain pill she had offered me when the IV was removed.

The doctors and nurses were most attentive, although being awaken from a sound sleep at midnight to check my ‘vitals’ was sometimes annoying (Even if it was by a pretty nurse.) The overall prognosis is excellent. No chemo or other follow-up needed. I say thanks to my VA physician for ordering the routine colonoscopy last spring, which I thought at the time, was only going to be a nuisance. So I add my voice to all the others and say, “get screened.” I had no indications or symptoms that anything was wrong and wouldn’t have known until it may have been too late.

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