Look Up, Lincoln! A Walking Tour of Lincoln, Nebraska

by Doug Gelbert

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There are only a handful of states where the capital city is also home to the state university. Typically way back when a deal was brokered to split the two prizes among competing towns. Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina are members of the capital-university club but Lincoln may be the unlikeliest member of that exclusive fraternity.

When it was selected as the capital by a three-man commission in 1867 the village was called Lancaster (for evoking memories of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania among early settlers) and counted a total of 30 inhabitants. Nebraskans did not flock to the newly renamed Lincoln because many doubted it would stay the capital for long. State documents and office furnishings were spirited out of the territorial capital of Omaha in covered wagons in the dead of night to prevent feisty Omahans from stopping the transfer of the government to an unknown outpost in the salt flats and marshes away from the Missouri River.

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