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The Ambi-Cognitive Man


Mary E. Lowd

* * *

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 by Mary E. Lowd

* * *

The starhopper had been parked on the edge of town for several hours. After the seven star jump to get all the way to Neggemmon, Jordy figured his friends would want to get right out and meet the natives, so to speak. He understood when Tom recommended fixing lunch first. (Seriously, you can never trust the food in out-of-touch Expansionist colonies. Forget a colony for long enough, and they'll start harvesting vacuum-slugs to eat.) But he started to get suspicious when Henry suggested relaxing with a quick hand of cards.

One quick hand stretched into several, and Henry kept heckling Tom into playing "just one more." To give him a chance to win his money back.

"I don't understand you guys," Jordy said. "I'd be as excited as hell to get out there, if I were you."

"You think we're not excited?" Henry looked calm and collected, completely focused on his cards. Not excited. When Henry looked up, he saw the raised eyebrow expressing skepticism in Jordy's face. "What?" he said. "This is my poker face. If I looked excited, it'd give away my hand."

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