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Paying the Rent

Dylan Cross

Copyright 2012 by Dylan Cross

Smashwords Edition

The three girls sat at the large kitchen table, waiting fearfully.  It was the first of the month, which meant that Mr. Johnson was on his way over to collect the rent money.  Not that they had any way to pay the exorbitant amount—but, he’d collect it in other ways.

The amount hadn’t been exorbitant at all, several months ago.  It had been just Kristine and Stacy then, and they had hardly been able to believe their good fortune.  A clean, spacious two-bedroom apartment, at $500 per month—a fifth of what other, smaller apartments were going for in the city.  Mr. Johnson had explained that he was just holding onto the apartment for tax purposes… and besides, he was grateful for the opportunity to help out “two lovely young, ambitious women.”   The two young women had blushed at the flattering remark, and had jumped on the opportunity at once.

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