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“Take the tin man down!” yelled a soldier

“Donald wants him alive, idiot” said the leader of the men “Zap him with one of those EMP tasers, will ya? It’ll sure make this job a whole damn of a lot easier”

Marx, the “tin man” was crouching behind a crate, holding a shortened bolt casting rifle down, hiding. He was human, but a little altered. He was a Sergeant in a platoon called 19-B. He was the best soldier of that platoon, but he had died. He walked into a room, the only soldier left of 19-B, and there was a planted bomb in there that he knew nothing of. The bomb went off and sent Marx flying back, hitting the wall. His blood covered the room; his charred body lay there, smoking.

An organization called BioLabs was known for its life changing experiments, but in this case, a life giving experience. The two most intact parts of Marx’s body were his brain and heart, which the technicians put into a fully mechanical suit called the SiW suit. SiW stood for Silicon Tungsten. The silicon’s speed with the tungsten’s armor and strength made Marx virtually invincible.

One of the men loaded his rifle with an EMP cartridge, and aimed at Marx. Marx’s suit spoke (only Marx can hear it) “Danger. Hostiles inbound: Control override.” The suit took over Marx’s nervous system. It made Marx get up and fire his rifle. Two men died instantly; fried. The last one fired the EMP and Marx dropped the gun. He fell back, his body stiffened in the position in which he was hit.

Marx’s vision came back. He was on the floor in a room. The suit was still frozen, but he heard a voice. Marx saw a wealthy man sitting at the desk, shuffling a deck of cards and smoking a Cuban cigar. The suit said, “System Rebooting: Signal Relay

The man said “Well, if it isn’t Marx. Glad to see you here. Oh, where are my manners; I am Professor Donald.” The suit hummed lowly. “There’s a reason why my men brought you here. After your commander was bitching about how you were so great and all that bull, I decided to use you as my— experiment. It has worked perfectly! But, there’s one problem. I need it back.”

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