Twenty eight year old Annabelle Nordstrom took a deep breath and pushing the revolving doors of the ugly, red-brick building open she walked outside. Today had been her final day working as a legal secretary for the prestigious Hale, Hale & Brown Law Firm and even though she’d known it was coming, she still felt a small twist in her stomach.

No regrets Annabelle,” she admonished herself as she walked past the tall potted palms bordering the paved area outside the entrance.

She’d been here for five years and somewhere along the line -- without her even being aware of it -- the job had morphed from exciting, to plain old humdrum. She’d lost her enthusiasm and drive, and craved something different for her life. She’d wanted a complete change of career and scenery.

There was no special man in her life at the moment to complicate things, only Percival. But as her cat he didn’t really count, he’d go wherever she did; which made making her decision a no-brainer really. Everyone she’d dated either turned out to be married – urgh – she gave them the flick as soon as she discovered their secret; closet-gay, but desperately trying to hide it, or conceited jerks who much preferred to admire their own bodies more than they did hers.

There had been one bloke from work who’d been sweet on her; Alain Le Fras from accounts. She shivered despite the heat as she remembered him.

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