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My Husbands New Toy

Cedrick please....stay,” Erin grabbed for her husband’s hand before he could turn and leave her standing in the kitchen all alone.

She’d taken off work early today just to go grocery shopping for his favorite meal. Two hours fighting holiday traffic and then another two hours slaving away over the hot stove, Erin had barely had time to shower, and put on the dress and heels he used to like so much.

Cedrick sighed heavily as he allowed Erin to pull him to her by the lapels of his designer suit, his head turning so that her kiss landed on his cheek. He hated lying to his wife. They’d been through some rough times together, but the truth was he was bored with their relationship. Erin was always gone now that she’d made partner at the law firm she worked for, and Cedrick was always at the studio these days, managing the two new artists he’d just signed on.

Sex had become nonexistent between them over the last six months, and Cedrick blamed himself more than Erin for his infidelity.

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