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A Watergate Chronicle


Jerry Gallagher

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“This Administration has proved that it is utterly incapable of cleaning out the corruption which has completely eroded it and re-establishing the confidence and faith of the people in the morality and honesty of their government employees. The investigations which have been conducted to date have only scratched the surface. For every case which is exposed, there are ten which are successfully covered up and even then this Administration will go down in history as the scandal a day Administration.

A new class of royalty has been created in the United States and its princes of privileges and pay offs include the racketeers who get concessions on their income tax cases, the insiders who get favorite treatment on government contracts, the influence peddlers with keys to the White House, the government employee who uses his position to feather his nest.

The great tragedy, however, is not that corruption exists but that it is defended and condoned by the President and other high Administration officials. We have had corruption defended in those high places.

If they won’t recognize or admit that corruption exists, how can we expect them to clean it up?”

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