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Abe’s Guide to the Plant Root

A Botany Handbook About the Plant Root System

Abe’s Guide to Botany Series - Book 2

Abe Edwards


Abe’s Guide to the Plant Root is a basic gardener’s botany guide to the plant root.

The root system of the plant is essential to its survival as it gathers water, nutrients and anchors the plant in the soil. This botany guide serves as a handbook to the plant root and introduction to basic botany. Use it to learn about the plant root and root systems that the plant depends upon for survival.

Abe’s Guide to the Plant Root is a beginner’s guide to the structure of the plant root. It covers its function and includes many of the different kinds of specialized root systems. There is a section that covers basic rooting procedure. This is a form of plant propagation that allows gardeners to multiply their favorite plants. They can do this by rooting cuttings of them.

Abe’s Guide to the Plant Root is the second volume in the Abe’s Guide to Botany series. The other books in the series cover all facets of the plants we use in our gardens. They include the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of the plants we grow for flowers and vegetables in the garden. They contain information on the propagation, harvesting and storage of the plants we need to enjoy or consume.

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