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Cats in the Bible

By Lyssa Medana

Cover by T Marlowe

Copyright Lyssa Medana 2012

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

Dedicated to Sue

Pr 18:16 ‘A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.’

I didn’t want a cat. I had reached the age of twenty four without having a pet and I was quite happy to carry on. Besides, I didn’t think that I was a cat person. I didn’t even know anyone with a cat. We lived in a small cottage, with a main road nearby and a garage behind us. We didn’t have space for a pet in our two-up-two-down, we were both out of the house at work for ten hours a day and we certainly couldn’t let a cat roam. There was just no room for a cat basket. That was that, completely the end of the argument, the final decision. No cats were going to be allowed.

Then my lovely sister-in-law bought us a cat as a wedding present. Thank you again!

As wedding presents go, this one was pretty good. We certainly didn’t get a duplicate of that present. I didn’t need to worry about it matching or not matching anything else we had. My sister-in-law took us along to choose it ourselves, and actually the cat outlasted all the other wedding presents, passing away at eighteen years old. We picked out a cat at the RSPCA, a mainly black female cat about six months old, who when we tried to pick her up ran up our shoulders and sat there smirking. She was not going to be cuddled nor was she going to be handed around. She knew exactly where she wanted to be and dictated that she went there. We called her Shadow.

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