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Natural GH-Releasers

The Fountain Of Youth”

By Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N., B.C.

Natural GH Releasers

The Fountain of Youth”

By Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N., Board Certified by A. A. D. P.

Published by Dawn Xhudo

Copyright 2012 Dawn Xhudo

Smashwords Edition


DISCLAIMER: This information was gathered from sources including textbooks, and reports. Neither the author nor publisher assumes any liability for the information presented in this text. This book is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose of this reference book is only to provide a compendium of information for the reader, for entertainment purposes only. Readers should consult with appropriate medical authorities before using any related products and the proper legal authorities if unsure of the status of substances described herein.

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