What Others Are Saying About "Dear Girlfriend"- A Hand Held Walk Through Breast Cancer

"In this well written book, Suzan shares her journey through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. She speaks to the readers just like she would to her best girlfriends--from the heart. This is a must read for all breast cancer patients . I will definitely recommend this to all mine."

Teresa Luhrs, M.D.

"Suzan Rivers provides something for everyone with her new book about surviving Breast Cancer. Her candid account of the journey she and her family took through this disease offers comfort to fellow survivors and those who love and care for them. Suzan also shines a critical light on the healthcare system, providing us with insight about what it's really like on the other side of the white coat. Amazingly, the author handles such a heavy subject with a light and humorous narrative that will truly make you laugh out loud. Cheers to Suzan Rivers for surviving cancer with grace and sharing her story with generosity."

Vincent Naman, M.D.

"Suzan Rivers' story underlines the cardinal rule for every cancer patient: each journey through cancer is unique. A successful cancer survivor refuses pat answers, questions continually, and leaves no stone unturned. Her “Dear Girlfriend"- A Hand Held Walk Through Breast Cancer will serve as a valuable guidepost for many women who face the challenge of breast cancer."

Andrew W. Pippas, M.D.

"As a nurse, I strive to provide my patients with the information and resources they need to navigate from Breast Cancer diagnosis through survivorship. One area that I am unable to provide insight is that “first hand” experience…what does surgery, chemo, and radiation feel like? What happens to your heart and spirit each step of the way as you go through the process? I thought Suzan’s book provided this so eloquently, so thoughtfully, and so respectfully. She tells us that while tears may be a normal part of the process, so is laughter. Suzan offers that peer-to-peer support that only people sharing a similar experience can understand. I believe survivors who are prepared from every angle to fight Breast Cancer will have better outcomes physically and spiritually, and I think this book will open doors for women to seek that support that is so very much needed."

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