The Leaves define life.
It would not exist without them.

My intentions were good…
Everything I did was justified based on that riddle above spoken by a forgotten father. Maybe this is the reason why I was always destined to discover them. It’s hard to accept that a girl like me possessed the mystery of life so sometimes I’m a skeptic but I’m able to set this day aside to walk through these streets. I have this day to choose what I must remember because it’s a plan I promised I would fulfill to many people… including Sam.
I can see the outskirts of Brooklyn as it once was untouched. That street is vacant now because no one, not even I would have expected how I discovered the truth. Regardless, I fear this moment so I turn to my family with an ending that an old woman has to embrace.
So, listen carefully....
It is March the 1
st on a cold afternoon, so I set my sight to the north ends of Manhattan to begin an incantation... To my youngest grandchildren, I need to show them how to use this spell but it may be difficult because there are many aspects they may not understand about why I have to. A normal life was practically impossible for me… I always wanted to fall in love but I desired most of all to unfold the mystery behind magic and I’ve done so much more than I could ever dream of. I discovered an ability that can control anything, and it is my obligation to teach you how anyone can wield it.
My family has no choice but to thank my father for it. Sure. Everyone that helped mold it… Shape it then churn it out; every tough moment reenacted that my grandchildren make me promise to remember. So I wish these memories could live on but nothing lives forever. Like the clouds above they’re always destined to wither with these buildings… they’re purposed to vanish with these stars and this world we call home.
Many died because of magic and I never intended to be another victim. But now I can say that I am fortunate enough to still be alive…

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