Buying a Car Online

Stephen Hather

Copyright 2012 by Stephen Hather

Smashwords Edition

Buying a car online could prove to be a risky business for the unwary.

I would go as far as to say that you should never buy a vehicle without viewing it first.

Many online sellers sometimes insist that bidders should take a look at the car before placing a bid.

Cars are a complex piece of machinery with many parts which wear out as the car is used.

Combined with this, the car becomes scuffed and scratched over the years.

To describe a used car and its true condition is not that easy.

Over describing the car and pointing out the minutest of faults will put off bidders.

Under describe the car and there is a possibility that the lucky highest bidder will complain that the car was not described correctly.

The happy medium is somewhere between the under and over described description.

When contemplating buying a car from an online car auction high quality photos are a must. There is no excuse for blurred pictures.

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