Counting up to Infinity

By Allen I. Fleishman, PhD

Author’s Note: For those of you who are mystified by the ‘chapter numbers’, they actually represent the age of David Klein, the first computer enhanced human. Although I would like to continue using the tee/sweatshirt logo that David changed into each day, for the chapter title, it wasn’t possible in every chapter of this book.

Year 20.0 (9 Months after last book) Prologue – Atlanta Georgia

“On-a-one-two-three Hup”. Sidney and Janet Ryan swung their five-year-old son into the air as they walked down the street. The small boy landed and laughed. All three were wearing identical ‘Atlanta Georgia’ tee shirts and Atlanta Braves caps. The only thing missing from their uniform was the ubiquitous, but mundane, camera or smart phone. Everywhere they went miniaturized hidden cameras captured all images for posterity. They were among a select group of seven people who didn’t need to carry bulky cameras.

Sidney noticed that people who had walked past them saw the little boy laughing with glee, running, and flying. They smiled until they looked closer and noticed the unusual pug-nose, barrel chest, the slight Mongoloid features and the other more subtle features, which indicated the boy’s genetic defects. Most quickly turned away. Sidney could almost hear them thinking ‘Mongoloid idiot’. He thought, ‘those are the Outs. What do they know? Fortunately nothing. Nothing at all. Josh was the extreme opposite of being retarded.’ Sidney inwardly laughed at the family’s secret, at their total ignorance.

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