After driving through the gates, he turned in his seat and once again depressed the remote then tossed the piece of plastic into the glove compartment where it belonged. He pressed his foot hard on the gas, loving the sound of the dirt being kicked up by the wheels and the cloud of dust that followed him all the way up to the main house. He stopped the truck and stared up at the house for a moment, just as he always did when he got back from his annual trip to New York, savoring the much needed sight.

Every year around this time, Adam went home to visit with his folks in New York and do his Christmas shopping. Vance was a country boy, born and bred, and he hated the hustle and bustle of crowds jostling each other so everyone could try and get the best bargain. He'd attempted the trip only once very early on in their relationship, and by mutual agreement it was decided that Adam would make the trip alone from then on. It wasn’t that Adam necessarily missed the noise and confusion of city life, but he needed his once a year fix and besides, Vance’s heart grew a little fonder for him every time he was away. Well… maybe not his heart, but definitely his dick. Last year they hadn’t come out of the bedroom for two days except to eat and piss. Adam smiled at the X-rated memory, his shaft hardening against the constricting denim.

Climbing out of the truck, he waved to Walt, one of their hands. “Hey, Walt! Quiet around here. Where is everybody?”

Walt jogged over to the truck and shook Adam’s hand. “Good to see you back, boss. It’s been… um… interesting without ya.”

When did the withdrawal kick in?” Adam snorted, knowing full well from experience that Vance’s mood would've surely been up and down while he was away.

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