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Ocular Pharmacology

Copyright 2012 by Dr. Shahzad Waseem

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Ocular Pharmacology

Drugs used in ophthalmology

  1. Miotics

  2. Mydriatics

  3. Anti-glaucoma drugs

  4. Antibiotics

  5. Antivirals

  6. Antifungals

  7. Immunosuppressants(Steroids,cytotoxics,cyclosporins)

  8. Local anesthetics

  9. Anti-allergics

  10. Dyes

  11. Viscoelastics

Chapter 1

  • Topical medicines when instilled in the eye enter the anterior chamber of the eye through cornea.

  • Their effects are limited to the anterior chamber & anterior segment of the eye

  • Penetration of drugs depends upon their lipid solubility.

  • There are two blood-ocular barriers.

  • 1. Blood aqueous barrier. It is formed by the non-pigmented ciliary epithelium and endothelium of the iris blood vessels.

  • 2. Blood-retinal barrier

Types of topical administration

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