This eBook is a transcription of one of the many ongoing classes at North Metro Real Estate Investors Association. North Metro Real Estate Investors Association's purpose is to instill in every member that shared knowledge enables everyone to succeed. Many of our classes are taught by local investors who are active in the business. Before you continue to the content, please take the time to review our Legal Notice and Disclaimer sections.
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Presenter: Doug Shaddix

The main part of the eBook is the transcription from one of North Metro REIA’s classes with its members. Doug Shaddix, Attorney at Law specializing in Asset Protection, Corporate Formation and Estate Planning, shares his techniques in protecting one’s real properties and, more importantly, shielding them from predators.
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Before we go into the discussion, it is important that we define some terms, which will be mentioned many times throughout this eBook. Please click here for Terms.

Transcription of the Class

I am Doug Shaddix. I am an asset protection attorney and a real estate investor. I am doing all my legal asset protection work on the side now. Pretty much, from 8 [a.m.] to 6 [p.m.] I am down at the Capital. After that, I am working, trying to do everything I was doing before on the side during the weekends because I am a real estate investor and we have been getting slapped for four years now. My stated income is kind of hard to refinance; loans have been impossible to get. Houses are low. My friend here was just giving me some great ideas as to how to get around some of that, but I had to take a regular job to get to that kind of W2 income and be able to refinance better. Plus, my background is very political and I consulted on a governmental campaign and when the candidate won it created a rather comfortable job for me down at the Capital. So, that is what I am doing now. I am working for the government as a chief compliance officer for the State on a 1.3 billion dollar contract. That is another thing we can talk about later.

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