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This novel is fiction - in real life practice safe sex.

Chapter 1

Genetta took a long drag on her cigarette and stared out at the grim car park. Vague thoughts flitted across her mind, but it felt good to be quiet after spending all morning on the phone. Anyway, her break was almost over. She glanced down at her watch and seeing the time, dropped her cigarette onto the asphalt and stepped on it daintily with the ball of her leather-soled, cream-coloured stiletto shoe.

'Time to get back to the phones, girls,' she announced.

'Oh, Genetta, you do spoil everything,' Marie said. 'You really are such a naughty girl, telling us what to do. Especially when, as your boss, I should be the one telling you what to do. You slave drive us every time we come out for a cigarette.'

'They're bad for us anyway, as you well know,' Genetta retorted, but she was smiling.

'Bad girls, bad cigarettes,' Marie said. She walked to the back door of the office block and turned the key in the lock. The smokers, all dressed in smart business suits, filed into the building as Marie held the door for them. Genetta passed her boss last, and as she took the single step up she flashed another smile at her.

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