Notes to Mom

Gil VanWagner

Copyright Gil VanWagner 2012

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It began as a book of poems and became so much more personal. A gut wrenching, soul sharing autobiography. The poems were written over many years. A first cut of the book was something different. Rating the poems. Ranking them. A count down. Top 100 or so. That one disappeared. Literally. Poof, electronically speaking. That led to soul searching about what the book was meant to be.

The book became a love letter to my mother. The stories of my life shared with her in the way she and I spoke all the time. On calls at 9 0’clock Sunday mornings. During her many visits to wherever I lived. Mom and I were close. Are close. Will always be close. A book of poems and the poems were merely the embers for the passions of stories and sharing with my Mother.

As with many books, the title changed once the writing was done. All the way through, it was called “Clean Underwear”. After all, Moms want us to wear Clean Underwear….just in case. Well, Mom, my underwear is clean. Not conventional but clean. A clever title. Cute. Catchy. Then on the day the book was done, the truth showed itself. “Notes To Mom”. Much more accurate.

Hope you enjoy it. It is my life. A life of love and a love of life. Hope you find laughter, inspiration, tears, and sweetness in it and in life. We all deserve to be happy. I am very, very happy. Hope you are too.

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