He dropped for at least twenty feet, landing softly on a cement floor. He looked up to see a corridor full of humans.

They all had crossbows pointed at his heart.

Jesse raised his hands, palms out, and said, “Don’t shoot. I was just trying to help.”

A girl with eyes much older than her face stood in front of the crowd. “Thanks for your help,” she said. To the humans behind her, she said, “Kill him.”

You need me, Lily,” Jesse said.

Lily held up her hand, which apparently told the others to hold their fire.

Of course I recognized you,” Jesse said. “You’re probably the most famous human in the world.”

That’s nice,” Lily said. “Now, explain why I need help from a bloodsucker like you.”

I’m assuming you’ve been locked away in this tomb for over a year,” Jesse said. “It’s not the same world you left. I’ve been everywhere. I know what’s up there. You don’t.”

Lily smiled and walked toward Jesse. She reached out, grabbed his face, and shoved him against the wall. Her touch was excruciating, but Jesse didn’t fight. He knew if he tried anything, he’d have a dozen crossbow bolts in his heart.

So tell me, vampire,” Lily said. “What’s up there?”

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