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Once upon a time there was a black cat called Digweed.

Born in a hedgerow to a mother who had once been a housecat, Digweed dreamed of living a life of luxury in the home of human beings. Though still just a very young kitten, he said goodbye to his five brothers and sisters and set out to search for his dream.

They say that black cats are lucky and fortune certainly smiled on Digweed when he was welcomed into the lives of Eric and Penny.

He was loved and he was safe. He had a whole new world to explore, a summer house to nap in, a birdbath to drink from and a bell and collar with his name on. Digweed’s dream had come true, until the day he chased a mouse and became lost – far from


Trying to find his way back to the home that he loved, he met many people, made many friends and used up nearly all of his nine lives.

These are the almost entirely true adventures of Digweed; he’s a hero, a friend, an escape artist, a

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