What do you get if you take two curious sisters, and plunge them into an alternate universe beyond the Bermuda Triangle where they encounter a new age paradise filled with spectacular experiences, eccentric sights, thrilling adventures, and a set of evil twins bent on dominating two worlds?

Welcome to Cassie and Chloe's Captivating Crystal Crawlspace Chronicles.

Join the Mikenney sisters and their companion pets Moondoggie and Pierre as they experience among other things: the Pavilion of Delights, a thought replicating Golden Mirror, a floating Garden of Beauty, an incredible carousel of aging, and a magical library capable of transporting readers into the stories.

In this strange but wonderful land, discover the Legend of the Rose Quartz Thirteen, and witness the events that unfold as the sisters become embroiled in a quest to stop Evil twins who are determined to dominate two worlds.

Will the girls triumph over the evil twins? Read all about The House of Fun, and Candy Cane Park, and discover if the girls ever find their way home.

If you love characters like Willie Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy in Oz, and the Harry Potter cast you won't want to miss this adventure!

Cassie and Chloe’s

Captivating Crystal

Crawlspace Chronicles


Trinisse Chanel

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