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Novel: Lawbreaker Civilians

Author: Niranjan Jha

Category: True-crime

Publisher: Cromosys Publication

ISBN: 9781301744602

Price: $5.00

Date: January 2013


In the evening of 11th July 1996, Bathani Tola in Bhojpur district of Bihar (India) started cracking with gunfire all around. The seven militiamen from Ranvir Sena entered the small village shooting down every human they saw. The headman and the founder of the militia, Mukhiyaji Brahmeshwar Singh was heading ahead carrying two AK-47 rifles, one in his shoulder and other in his right hand. And the six people behind him were also fully armed. Their target was the poor and more than poor lower-class villagers who supported the Communist Party’s radical Naxalite movement in the state.

At the first turn of the dark street they saw a man carrying a vegetable bag.


The bullet shot by the headman Mukhiyaji broke into his forehead. He hit him with his leg to make sure the man was dead. They gave a glance at his motionless body and moved ahead. A woman from a small hut could see the man die. She broke into a loud cry signaling the others to run away from their huts.

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