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Convirs: The Sphinx

Chapter 1

“Amy! Amy Smith you get out of this bed now! You’re going to be late for school!”

My mom was calling me. I had no good reason to go to school today. It was going to be my first day at Olympia High as a freshman.Great.I was already in the middle of the semester too. I didn’t understand why we had to move from our hometown Fort Smith, Oklahoma to Olympia, Washington after my parents split. It might just be because of the fact that we vacationed here last summer to see my grandparents. It was so warm back then. Now it was in the middle of October. Even my house was cold. When we moved in last month we forgot to get the heater fixed. I finally pulled myself to my feet out of my warm bed and onto the icy cold floor. I was determined to get across the hall and to the bathroom without slipping. As I walked across the hall, I passed my sister’s empty room. Well it was supposed to be her’s, but she went off to the military. Mom and Dad were devastated when she left. Although she never stuck around that long anyways. I finally scramble my brush and make-up out of an unpacked box in my new bathroom. This bathroom smelled of many cleaners and disinfectants from when my mom made an effort to try to clean it. Disaster. When I was done fixing my hair and dabbing on minimum amounts of foundation, I scurried off to my room to put on some dark navy colored jeans and a plain white long sleeve shirt. I was walking across the hall and down the small flight of stairs that led to another hallway; I saw my little brother’s room too. The name: Jackson was painted on the wall that you first see when you walk into the empty room. He was gone too. He was just back in Oklahoma visiting my dad for a few months while he decides if he really wants to live with him or not. My sister, Sarah was probably never coming back. She had written all of one letter to us since she left two years ago, saying that she never wanted to come back. I finally made it downstairs to the kitchen, where my mom was making biscuits and gravy with sides of bacon. It smelled like it was burning. I made a mental note to myself that reminded me not to eat the bacon.

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