What Others are Saying about This Book…”

“Amazingly authentic...this book is sure to be of help to legions of men and women ending long-standing relationships.”

David Simon, MD, Co-Founder of The Chopra Center and author of Free to Love, Free to Heal

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“This book teaches perseverance, resiliency and forgiveness—and how to turn a breakdown into a breakthrough.”

Lisa Nichols, Star of the Secret and Author of No Matter What

* *

“Well written with a juiciness you will want to devour, and delivering powerful life lessons from one who has lived them, Farhana will take you on a journey to discover the complex emotions that one experiences during a break up. Insights like this become a source of instant healing.”

Jennifer McLean, Host of Healing with the Masters

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“This strikingly authentic and enlightening memoir guides us to the real freedom that awaits us—when we have the courage to let go of what doesn’t work in our lives.”

Chris Cade, creator of Liberate Your Life

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“I have not laughed and cried so much over a single book since reading Eat, Pray, Love. This book is straight from the heart!”

Teresa de Grosbois, Founder of the Evolutionary Business Council

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“As a family lawyer for almost 30 years, I’ve witnessed countless examples of the pain and suffering when relationships end. In this very special book, the author captures the experience of divorce and turns it inside out, showing us another path: the ending of a relationship can also be transformed into a time of hope and an opportunity for a new beginning.

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