1692 in a town called Salem a regular village, up until the screams awoken dead and the burnings seen for miles upon miles. I awoke at the sound of howling wind trying to force its way to me through my glass window.   Stretching my way down the hallway to the kitchen I hear my mom humming a tune very unfamiliar to me. A delicious scent wafted toward me making me forget about everything.  My mom makes the best food in the world or what we know to be the world. The sizzle of grease makes my mouth water. My stomach growled angrily at me. I wanted it; I craved it, but could not get it. I had to go to church service aka a trial I think to myself. Why people call them services instead of trials I may never know in my lifetime.  Ever since those damned girls started messing with stuff that ought not to be meddled with. They got into the wrong type of company and a witch punished them they started screaming its damn right annoying I mean come on people can’t you see its fake. But the townspeople think that it is real. Convinced it’s a witch they say, I say different scratch that I know different i saw them in an alleyway doing bad things I don't know how they keep up with the crying the screaming and even the dread filled bleeding. I never want to go to the “services” seeing everyone I know being thrown away like trash but it’s required of everyone to go to trial to see whose next on the girls list. To see a poor innocent woman cry in front of everyone is apparently fun for the girls. Anger shot through me like a bolt of electricity, but I wasn’t surprised I think about this all too often to be right. Some people like it, some people don’t, like my mom and I and of course Jackson. I have to walk down to where the giant bell corrals the people. My mom and I mop down on the cobbled streets when I hear.
“Alice wait for me!”
I whip my head around because I know that voice. It’s Jackson I turn and run towards him.
“Hey aren’t you excited for today?” says Jackson
“Why would I be? It’s just another poor girl walking up there pleading innocent in front of the council with tears streaking down their faces. When we all know that they are just going to be the next victim of the burning stakes.” I replied
“No not that” he said morosely probably remembering when my dad and his mom and dad were convicted of a being a witch and apprentices. I still have nightmares.
“Then what should I be excited for than.” Sarcasm heavy in my voice
“Well don’t you remember what today is?” he says with a frown planted on his face.
Of course today was the day when we first met. We were out in the rain when I fell on top of him while trying to mind my own business. I had a sack of fresh carrots and meat to make in a soup for my mom. He very graciously picked up every parcel before I had time to get up. I not knowing him said thank you while my face to the ground he being older that was the right courtesy woman was taught. He with very light fingers that felt like fire lifted my chin and said you don’t have to do that with me. There it began and every year we have sort of an anniversary to uphold that day.
“I remember how I could forget it. That was one of the best days of my life.” I smiled and red filled my cheeks.
“I thought you would.”
“So what are we doing this year picnic by candle like last year or a normal night with my mom?”
“I was thinking we could make dinner together at your mom house is that okay? Alice are you alright?” shock and fear clouded his sing song voice.
“Oh, yeah sorry they are starting better get inside and that sounds fine I was just yeah.”
“Well alright then”
A wheezing voiced pierced the rather quiet air. “Good afternoon everyone please take a seat if you haven’t already.” Staring daggers at the stragglers. “Today we are starting with Elizabeth Parker now known as a witch. Bring her kindly in please.” The guards dragged in what looked like a rag doll but I known her to be a very well dressed perfectly pretty girl with long blond hair it was now in tangles. Now I could hardly recognize her as a human being. What they do to them is cruel what they do after they are proven guilty is even worse they go crazy before they are even at the stake burning. I never watch the burnings I just can’t it pains me to see and hear them agony rips through me. As I remember very well their screams that pierce the valley you can’t even hear yourself think.
“Elizabeth why are you torturing these innocent beautiful young people?”
“I’m not I promise!” Wept Elizabeth while biting her lip. i know that she was a very good girl. Why did they choose her? I always wonder who they choose next.
Screams came from the front row. I saw the blood trickle down a little girls red ruby lips. And drip upon her cute white tee. Making a red stain that looked like something took a knife to her heart. How do they handle the pain without crying out mercy?
“You are hurting them now. Why did you choose to be a witch?”
“Fine I am a witch what does it matter to you? I only choose to punish those who ought to be punished.” Confesses Elizabeth. She shared my opinion in the girls so it seems possible.
“You are now a confessed witch. I’m sorry Elizabeth we all knew you well but perhaps not well enough but the law is a law. Guards take her away. You will be burned with the other victims tomorrow morning bright and early.” Declares the priest.
        The rest of the horrible, cruel, evil trials continued all of them were declared guilty.

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