This is a short story exploring the surrender of a strong, alpha male to the woman he adores. This story is not graphic, more an exploration of the idea and possibilities leaving much to your imagination. My full-length novels take this premise to an extreme; strong plots that cross genres and containing BDSM elements more fantasy than contemporary, with hot, erotic scenes that push the boundaries. Please heed the content advisory. Horizon, however, is a gentle story. Thank you for reading.


Adam’s uncomfortably tight jeans persuaded Adam that a flaming-red bottom sprawled across a man’s lap held incredible sex appeal. Each smack across bare skin cracked the air, its recipient wailing and kicking until her punisher pinned her down. Her reaction intrigued Adam more. The woman was clearly enjoying the circular rubbing she was receiving... and now she was actively offering up her rounded curves for more!

He couldn’t help but wince when the next blow landed and cast his eye over the other BDSM activities the fetish club had on show. Damn, he didn’t know where to look, this open evening more extreme than he’d anticipated. A passing gorgeous creature in the skimpiest dress possible eyed him up and down. Adam tightened his hold on his wife and smiled a gentle apology as transparent disappointment crossed the woman’s face.

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