She Is Not Yet Dead! by Tiffanie Green

Vampire Tears by Renee Carter Hall

Varney the Buffy Episode by Amanda Makepeace

Easy Listening Vampire by Stan Friedman

Flora Awakens (to Lady Gaga Tune) by Tasha B.

Cliche Cockney Vampire Remix by Jamie Mollart

Varney the Vampire Status Updates by Bridget Thoreson

Vampire Curses by Dorothy Distefano

Vampires & the Long-Barreled Rifle by Sara Walker

Your Entire Family Is As Mad As Hatters by Terry Aldershof

Vampire Text Messages by Michelle Barry

Chilly Willy By Ana Blaze

She May Be On Drugs by Sarah Morgan

Vampire House MD by Barbara Barnett

THE EMBODIMENT by Clotilde LaMarre

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