This book is dedicated to my father, Walter Cummins, who gifted me with the love of writing and reading. And to all those who have been a part of my journey on the path of life.



Chapter One The Power of Self-Love
Chapter Two Feel Your Feelings
Chapter Three The Wonderful World of Boundaries
Chapter Four Trust Your Intuition
Chapter Five The Art of Communication
Chapter Six Patience in Love
Chapter Seven Choose Wisely



On a cool October morning in the comfort of my home office, I received a call from my client, Angie; she asked what I saw in store for her and her boyfriend, Doug. I intuitively pulled out three cards from my tarot deck - the lover’s card, nine of blades criticism card, and the four of cups sorrow card. I gave her my interpretation of the cards, that there was much love in the relationship, but they were critical of themselves and each other. They needed to stop the criticism or the relationship would end. Before I finished my sentence I heard my Angels chime in that communication was the key. Angie needed to work on her communication with Doug, be less critical and kinder in her words. She also needed to learn to listen to Doug and repeat back what she thought she heard him say, because very often she misinterpreted what he said.

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