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Born In 1924

Granny’s Journal

smashwords edition

copyright 2012 Alecia B. Gardner and Almyra Graves

copyright notice:

My Granny, Almyra Graves, wrote her journal specifically for me before she died. She asked me to turn it into a book someday, without the knowledge of how I would do that.

Back then, self-publishing didn't exist. EBooks didn't exist The computer was a rare thing seen anywhere other than in schools. Since Granny wrote this for me, and she isn't alive to claim it, it is therefore the property of Alecia B. Gardner.

It was Granny's wish that someday someone make her journal into a show like "Little House On The Prairie". I didn't know how I would turn it into a published book at the time of it's initial creation, but managed to turn it into one years down the road.

Granny had faith in me and knew I would do that. Granny had faith that I could turn it into a show or a movie someday, so just as what she believed in came to pass, so shall that... even if I have to hire the actors myself from a dozen unknowns without any acting experience. I will accomplish what Granny wanted me to accomplish. If you have connections to turn this into film, please email me at: with the word FILM in the subject line.

Dear Readers,

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